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    Strix Flare Last Resort Please help

    I just purchased a strix flare, gladious 2 orgin mouse and the bealtus mouse pad. I downloaded the rog armoury software (newest version 30026) and the mouse and mouse pad firmware updated fine, the keyboard went black and does not light up or work at all now. Ive spent hours reading through all these posts and nothing i have seen has fixed my issue. I contacted support and they just dont understand. She kept telling me to download the armory software when i explained i have the latest. I see all these talks about FW 35 and people requesting it beign sent to them....why is this not posted? i cant get anyone to send me the firmware so i can manually install it. Really aggravating and not very promosing on how this is being handled.

    My pc
    hero xi
    32g gskill
    ASUS RTX2070
    all updated

    I dont have the case number, i didnt recieve an email from my support call....they did take all my information but i guess they dont send summaries?

    Please help.

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