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    Crosshair VI Type-C Samsung devices fail

    Motherboard: Crosshair VI
    BIOS: Latest stable version
    GFX: GTX 980
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core x64
    Windows: Windows 10 Pro updated to latest stable.

    This is a strange issue. However seems to be repeatable as my a friend has the same motherboard, older bios and does the same thing.

    I have a Samsung G960U ( S9) device I have been trying to re-write the firmware to, this requires the device to be placed in download mode and using a program called odin to flash it.

    Everything seems normal, however if I try to flash it nothing can read/write to the device. This isn't a driver issue and let me explain why. I can use a program called USB Redirector that will redirect from another computers USB ports to mine, connect to it flash the device this way. However if I connect any Type - C device to my computer physically regardless of what port it's on. It does not work, if its a micro usb works fine. Its just Type-C devices and I have finally landed on that it must be something with the motherboard related.

    Is there anything I can do to figure out why this is happening ?

    Also when the device is normally powered up to the Android OS, everything is working as normal. ADB, Modem, Tethering etc to the computer. Just download mode appears to be affected.
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