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    FX505 / FX705 Bios modifications to get hdd password ?


    Unfortunately FX505 / FX705 series comes without hdd password setting function. We could of course have long discussion why Asus is blocking it (while other companies give this possibility in their gaming laptops). However how can I enable ata hdd password in Bios.

    I've found few manuals in Internet. However few things are still unclear to me.

    What type of Bios is that Aptio V, Aptio 4, AmiBios 8?

    Do you expect that there will be any issues with flasing modified Bios? (sometimes Bios update is blocked and then using many complicated tricks is required)?

    Did anyone tried to modify Bios for this model?

    And btw, do you know if in Ami Bios for Asus hdd password work only for hdd disks or also for m.2/nvme ssd?

    Thanks a lot for help.

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