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    support request for disabling intel management engine

    Hello, i don't know if this is the right place to ask this but seeing that the bios is software i will ask here. It has come to my attention that the intel management
    engine is in fact not as secure as it could be and i was wandering if it would be possible to disable it with a patch of some sort. Perhaps an added uefi feature
    that would allow a user to disable it and toggle the "high assurance platform" bit to 1 would do the trick as it seems wrong to have this sort of active
    management technology enabled for users that only bought a system for gaming and are not system administrators of a large network. Don't get me wrong
    i can see how it would come in useful but as i mentioned earlier i am a gamer and not a sysadmin and this sort of thing comes across as beta and unprofessional
    Gaming and security and not just gaming are important.

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