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    Quote Originally Posted by darkdavid08 View Post
    Writing this from my phone so excuse any poor formatting.

    Been having random freezes/black screens (qcode 8 Dram led lit) for the last several weeks after updating to the 2000 and higher bios versions and new AMD chipset drivers mid-late March. It progressively got worse until it freezes as soon as a minute after boot on desktop.

    I've tried flashing back my BIOS to every version back to 1002 and no dice, same symptoms. Clearing CMOS and going stock each time, even safe mode does it.

    The ram in my system is a f4-3200c14q-16gtzr set, CPU - 2700x, Storage - m.2/satassd/hdd, PSU - ax1500i (just replaced), Cooler - H150i pro, GPU - GTX 1070ti, and Motherboard is of course Asus C7H nonwifi.

    I just ran memtest86 today on my RAM and it passed all tests with 0 errors. I'm seriously at wits end and don't know how to proceed from here without RMAing my motherboard. Everything has worked fine on PE3 everything Auto (stilts fast 3200) settings for almost a year up till the last few bios and AMD chipset updates. This makes me hesitant to RMA the motherboard as i don't think it's the issue.

    Also, the freezing occurs regardless of OC or stock settings, and happens in safe mode.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction as to where to go from here troubleshooting-wise, I'd be forever grateful.

    Edit: also use Corsair iCue and Msi Afterburner along with having Asus AURA installed.

    Edit2: Just got a Kmode Exception BSOD in safe mode; also went back to 0702 BIOS and tried a system restore, removed iCue from startup, now just getting freezes code 24 consistently 30s-1m at desktop after startup.
    Memtest alone is not enough. Use InteBurnTest and use the custom setting. Set it to 6144 for the ram and make it do 10 passes. If it passes that then its not your memory.

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