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    AIMESH Nodes and uplinks. One is using wifi uplink, other ethernet uplink)

    I have ethernet run throughout my entire house and it is all on the same subnet. I have a RT-AC5300 on my main floor and 2 RT-AC68U, one on the floor above and one on the floor below. They are functioning as an AIMESH system. All 3 are connected into the my ethernet but one of the two RT-AC68u only shows as being connected via wifi and not a via a hard connection. According to the app (love the new design with the new graphics). The RT-AC5300 is functioning like an access point. I have physically connected the RT-AC68u that is only in the AIMESH system via wifi to the RT-AC%#00 is hopes it would switch to using the physical connection for trafic it received via wifi but when I move it after to it's final home, it switches back to only using wifi for AIMESH. It does say the signal strength is excellent and I do see other devices connected to it so I know it is working. I am just trying to determine why traffic isn't coming in via wifi is being routed across the physical connection. The other RT-AC68U is working correctly and shows as being connected in the AIMESH via the ethernet port. I know the misbehaving RT-AC68U is in a working switch as there are other non-wifi devices in the same switch that are working correctly.
    Is there a way to make the RT-AC68U that shows as not being connected in the system via the ethernet port, to start routing it's wifi traffic across the wire?
    RT-AC5300 - (living room 1st floor, connected via ethernet)
    RT-AC68u - (functioning correctly) uplink type:ethernet (second floor)
    RT-AC68u - (not functioning correctly) uplink type:wireless (5g), (basement)
    Again all devices are physically connected into whole house ethernet but one is using a wireless uplink and not physical ethernet connection

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