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    Angry Weird issue with GT-AC5300

    Been dealing with this issue that just makes no sense.

    Any of the latest firmware updates, the issue is constant. If I revert to issue goes away!
    For some reason the router chooses a device on the network and !!! fails to load on that device.
    If I try Google, Facebook, etc and even !!!, the pages load OK!

    I have VPN fusion enabled and it seems that VPN devices are not affected. If I put a VPN rule for the affected device to go through the VPN, issue disappears until I remove the rule, then broken again for that device. I can replicate the issue consistently. I tried to do a tracert on the router itself, and for some reason, it never completes. If I run to any other address, tracert works fine.

    Has anyone experienced this? Before you start recommending a factory reset, I have done that already! I am about to toss this router in the garbage, really frustrated with this issue.

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