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    Question Crosshair VII HERO (WI-FI) -- MB 9 pin USB15 not working

    Added Corsair LL120 - 3 fan kit with lighting node pro.
    Plugged lighting node pro into USB15 (see pg 1-2 in crosshair vii user guide)
    Lighting Node Pro did not show up in Corsair Icue software.
    Already had Corsair H115i AIO plugged in and working in USB1112 with no problems.*

    Swapped places with usb plugs and lighting node pro worked but AIO did not.
    Returned to original configuration *and lighting node pro stopped working.

    Checked bios and all usb's are enabled.
    Also computer shutdown during boot when first plugged into USB15 with lighting node pro. Had to turn off/on main power rocker switch on power supply to restart computer.

    Now lighting node pro is plugged into back panel usb 2.0 (next to bios usb port) and all is working correctly.

    Is there something different about USB15 or is it just failed?*

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    the USB port only has 1 usb connection which is on the bottom 4 pins not the 5 pins, just connect to the 4 pins instead of the 5 should make them works, I had found this with my nzxt AIO which the usb is connect to the 5 pins.

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