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Thread: Asus Prime z390

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    Asus Prime z390

    Hello all am new here,

    Need some help. I just got my second board in a few days ago (z390-a) and I still cannot get Windows to install. I have tried everything at this point. It will BSOD on every attempt to install Win 10. I wish I could do Win 7 but that wont happen!
    I have only one stick of RAM put in (until i knw whats going on) and using a i7 9700k intel cpu with Samsung Nvme 1tb HD.
    Its not the RAM since I did a Memtest on both and it all passed. Cant do any tests on the HD since there is nothing on it (its formatted and empty), and seems the tempand power is enough to run everything.

    I dont know if there are settings that I need to change in the BIOS (since that works at least and keeps coming up everytime anyway).
    If you guys can give me suggestions that would be great.

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    You most likely need two system memory sticks.
    Are you sure that all components are properly installed?

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