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    Using Blue Tooth.

    Do I have to do anything to activate the blue tooth on the ROG Crosshair VII?

    I'm using a Pantech Renue P6030 phone temporarily tonight, and when I try connecting it to my PC via USB, Windows 10 says there are errors and it can't read the phone. It can read the SD card inside the phone, though.

    So I thought I would try using the Blue Tooth on the Renue phone instead. When I have it search for Blue Tooth devices, the phone can't detect my PC.

    The phone also can't detect my Canon printer, for what it's worth.

    The phone can connect to my car via Blue Tooth, so the Blue Tooth does work with something.

    The phone's USB port does seem a little messed up, as a cable doesn't fit nicely inside anymore. That wasn't the case in March, when I last had to use the phone for a night.

    I am able to connect via Blue Tooth from the PC to my printer. I'm just wondering if there's something else I can do to make this phone connect to the PC via Blue Tooth.


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