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    ROG GT-AX11000 with hardware crypto decoding and encoding support?

    I personally use PIA for VPN service and I read on their website about Broadcom adding Cortex A53 ARM in to their SoC and having them enable to do hardware crypto decoding and encoding. I just want to make sure that it is true before picking up a GT-AX11000. I currently have a RT-AC5300 which will be turned into a wireless AP if I do pick up the GT-AX11000.

    The other thing that I have doubt about the GT-AX11000 and the GT-AC5300 is the lack of Merlin's custom firmware; which I really love having on my RT-AC5300. Will it be something be surely missed? Will I even be able to have the same OpenVPN option I have no with the Merlin's firmware?

    Or should I go with the RT-AX88U, since that have Merlin's support and also the Cortex A53?
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