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    Asus Fan Extension II NOT EVEN ASUS KNOWS IT EXISTS. Anyone have it?

    Ugh, Asus is killing me right now. I've talked with 4 support people and 1 of them level 2 support.

    I'm just trying to lower the min speed of my 2 front DC 3 pin fans, but the Q-Fan won't let me after I ran the optimize all routine. Anyone have a tip? Trying to do this all in the bios. Right now the min speed is locked at around 90% If I plug the fans into the channel fan headers they lower just fine, but I need to use the extension due to the number of fans.

    I keep telling support that I don't have this fan extension:

    They ignorantly keep telling me that I do. The one I have can be seen here: (it came with my Prime Deluxe II)

    Anyone have this card and are using DC 3 pin fans?

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