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    Fix for Asus Aura freezing/frozen "animation"

    Just wanted to share this as after 6 days of "testing" this seems to be a permanent fix to an error I frequently encountered on different systems:

    Error description:

    Asus Aura randomly freezes mid lighting animation. I.e. get stuck. (Happens roughly 2-3 times daily if running the PC 18/24)
    The program can still be opened, but applying changes, doing a refresh etc does not make it "re-animate".
    A soft reboot of Win10 solves the issue.

    Fix (I will spare you the long story about how I discovered it):

    When frozen ->Run->services.msc->Find lightningservice.exe->Rightclick->Select restart

    And boom. Aura is "animating"/running again without having to reboot.

    Note: When you find the service it actually says its already running. Dont ask me why.

    Also, make your life a bit easier and make a batch file sitting on your desktop to do the above.So you dont have to go through the services list every time.

    Hope this can help others with a similar issue.

    My current aura version is 1.07.55. Im not going to install 1.07.60. Im too scared....(take that Asus, you release upgrades your customers are not installing because they feel confident it will just screw oveer their system....)

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