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    Asus G74SX Upgrading RAM and Hard Drives

    Hello, community!

    I currently own a G74SX (i7 2670QM) and I was looking to upgrade the RAM and storage. I've been doing a lot of research to figure out what exactly I can do and found lots of great information posted here and elsewhere. For the hard drives, I was looking to upgrade to two 2TB SSD's from Crucial here :

    And for the RAM, I haven't found any specific models, but from what I understand from the G74SX Ram Upgrade post here, I need DDR3 SDRAM running at 1333 mHz of the SODIMM form factor.

    Where this gets complicated is I IM'ed the Asus support line and the attendant told me that this machine can only support 16GB of RAM and 160 GB per memory module, due to the motherboard. Information I've found on the internet and that I know personally informs otherwise, but they are the manufacturer.

    I just wanted to verify here before I committ $600+ in hardware that I can't use.

    Can anyone else offer any guidance?

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