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    Quote Originally Posted by FunknNasty View Post
    at Brucey

    Hey nice AIDA scores ...especially with that dog arsed slow cache speed. Have you tried something with a ring bus speed closer to 5.0 Ghz?

    OBTW ....My 8086 powered Apex X owns the Dark with regard to the CinBench scoe ...245 here at 5.5. :-)
    , Finally somebody speaking my language. lolol

    Yea, I ran the AIDA 64 memory latency with ring set at 45 since it's a work profile I use daily. But thanks I'll raise the ring to 49 and give AIDA 64 another attempt, maybe I can drop my 37.4ns down to 36?

    As far as Cinebench Single Thread, Hahaha, my 243 was first early bios back in January when I got the board. Let me give Cinebench R15 Single a go with the new 1.06 bios and a 5.6Ghz run, see what I can come up with.

    Just got this new Noctua 65mm cooler delivered yesterday, so I'll run an entire new bank of tests. LOLOL

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