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    Quote Originally Posted by sexpot View Post
    Hey Bruceypoo, long time no see
    Long see - no time. lol

    How ya doing Brosephiostest with the mostest?

    Sorry for hijacking your thread, but nobody was saying anything. lololol

    Looks like we gotta wait for the Apex 12 in January. But then it might be time-staggered and be the last Maximus XII board to release OR Asus might not send it to North America at all.

    Not trying to start any conspiracy theories but I think:

    -non-availability of the Apex 10 beginning April 2018

    -no North American launch for the Gene 11 and Apex 11

    -Crosshair VIII Impact X570 recently deleted from the Asus ROG US website

    No ROG 2-dimm performance motherboards shipped or supported for US and Canada, seems to be the trend.


    I think this matter may be personal.

    Also, appears as if no ROG/Asus employees or support members have been active in this forum since May 2019. (4months)

    Kinda makes you wonder what's really going on.

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