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    Question Question about ASUS RamCache III: does it not automatically start?


    I have a question about using ASUS RamCache III, I'm just experimenting with it and was just wondering should ASUS Ram Cache III once started not stay on? After reboot I find it to be off again. Is it suppose to work that it has to be manually enabled every time?

    Another question, I also have Samsung's rapid mode on, on one SSD drive. Can RAM Cache still be used, does it make sense? so that the other drives that don't use Samsung's cache feature can use RamCache? Anyone know why Samsung Rapid Mode only works on one drive at a time? I can see that ASUS Ram Cache allows you to select the drive, where you want to cache files... or turn on smart mode but then I would be also enabling the cache feature on a drive, that already has the cache feature covered my Samsung's rapid mode... which would probably not make sense.

    Thanks for any and all replies,

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