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    Question Question about ASUS RamCache III: does it not automatically start?


    I have a question about using ASUS RamCache III, I'm just experimenting with it and was just wondering should ASUS Ram Cache III once started not stay on? After reboot I find it to be off again. Is it suppose to work that it has to be manually enabled every time?

    Another question, I also have Samsung's rapid mode on, on one SSD drive. Can RAM Cache still be used, does it make sense? so that the other drives that don't use Samsung's cache feature can use RamCache? Anyone know why Samsung Rapid Mode only works on one drive at a time? I can see that ASUS Ram Cache allows you to select the drive, where you want to cache files... or turn on smart mode but then I would be also enabling the cache feature on a drive, that already has the cache feature covered my Samsung's rapid mode... which would probably not make sense.

    Thanks for any and all replies,

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    im kindof interested in this too:
    Is it suppose to work that it has to be manually enabled every time?
    Since i can not figure that out too, i mostly am not using it at all. And for a while then i removed it from the Autostart of windows since it was just a useless tray app. But lately now im encouraging myselves to hit the START button manually everytime now after re-enabling it to start with windows. Also my manually set size does not get stored. I have in mind that there could be sort of a configuration file somewhere maybe? From some point it must grab these 2048 mb or whatever it sets by default.

    About the RamCache III v.s. Samsung Rapid mode, i have no definitive answer. But my interpretation is that the samsung method would only work with compatible drives and is straightly forward optimized to work with samsung devices and firmware hand in hand. It will use parts of the RAM as Cache. The question is which is superiour to being used and what size it is. I have 3 SAMSUNG ssd connected, 1x regular SATA. And 2x NVME m.2.

    Seems ASUS RamCache III can work with all three of them, while the samsung rapid mode would only work with the SATA SSD, where i put the pagefile on (An old 120 GB drive i had spare). So i might just writeop it to death as well.

    So yea i think that would be a double shot thing. And i am not able to tell you which takes priority or if they interfere. Or if you just d fill like 2 caches at the same time. Or if you would tunnel loop them through. I would recommend to use either or except you see any benefit in numbers or someone popps in and knows what is up. Like useless use of a ramdisk that is caching a ramdisk?

    In RAM Cache III you can see it being used watching the bars when running e.g. chrystal disk mark or even the benchmark from samsung magician.

    Please understand im not too much into that topic and that i would basically also want it to startup automatically. Since i am convinced by the benchmark results.

    Very interesting topic.



    P.S.: I grabbed me a newer version of RAM Cache III from the download page of a newer motherboard. 1.01.08. Wonder if they will bring this for z390-F too as for today the latest RAMCACHE III for my mainboard is 1.00.17. Would be nice if they d provide this on a seperate Download page like for especially RAMCACHE III. If you scroll up to the top of this page for example there is that "DOWNLOADS" - why is it not there? Armoury Crate ist there but no RAMCACHE III. Maybe they would add the feature to autoenable the RAM Drive. At some point i think this data has be written to disks in between reboots. So size might also matter....
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