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    Rampage VI Extreme Omega Freezing on SATA hdd high I/O??

    Really like my new Motherboard, most of my components were from my old setup which was a Rampage V Extreme. I have 2x M.2's now but I also have several Sata HDDs which are purely storage. But I have been moving files between those SATA hdds and it starts off ok but then Windows just freezes and even the case reset button doesnt work!! I have to hold the power button to power it off, its done this a few times now so I wondered if anyone else here has seen similar issues?

    I have got PCH temps around 55C to 65C and thats mainly the 2x m.2s under the coaling, but i read a thread on here about that. It said that those temps are normal, so im struggling to find the cause as the drives are health?

    My setup spec is: -

    Intel I9 9960x
    Rampage VI Extreme Omega
    Extreme Tweaking settings all on Auto
    Nvidia RTX Titan,
    Samsung 970 pro m.2
    Samsung PMXXXX m.2
    4x 2.5" sata hdds
    16gb RAM 4x 4gb Crucial value dimms
    Ryuo 120mm aio cooler
    Windows 10 ent

    Thanks in advance

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