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    Question about aura vs armory crate custom lighting options

    Hi, after a lengthy battle with aura / armory crate (and 3 windows installs) i finally got it to work but i noticed in armory crate i cannot setup a custom color cycle.
    i've tried looking at aura through youtube video's (i fear installing aura will bork my rgb control again, and removal/reversal of such things always brings extra stuff that doesn't work right if it doesn't work right, like my first battle to get armory crate working resulted in being unable to control my windows startup items due to having to use system restore to restore things of armory crate i could appranetly not install myself but windows could install for me on a fresh install.. how and why no idea but a fresh windows later all is wel >.<) but can you setup a custom color cycle in aura? (say a green>cyan>purple>cyan>green loop).
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    for the moment. Armory Crate still on it beginnings. Still on basic light funtionality and still need to be polish. I and my others like Reaper, as expample, have dig opn the app and discover some funtions here and there. Still on the works.

    Since I start i have xperience pain but worth the wait. Now. be clear, more funcions and add on will come and testing is going on so be stable as can be.

    As far my testing goes. if you are running, like me and only I have test these on my ROG CODE XI, if you run the armory crate, it is not recomended to use the aura stand alone program.

    For the last 2 days, since I was testing some nvidia 2000 series gpu I normally make clean install in order to discard issues. So i have to make installation from 0. If you use the armory crate, and IS ON YOUR BIOS, Be sure of:

    1. UEFI on bios. these app is 100% uefi. so CSM disable and UEFI all the way. IS A MOST.
    2. RUN last BIOS. For my own testing. the last bios is not doing well BUT I WILL TEST AGAIN later next week, in my case I am running on my codeXI 1005. Since i am stop using aisuite. that was my best on that and DO NOT INSTALL the easyupdate. that brakes hard the stability and have a lot of issues.
    2. USE ONLY, but i have not tested, USE ONLY OEM drivers. On intall, the drivers that appears on armory crate is to start, but recommend install OEM drivers from the motherboard help desk.
    3. Having the armory crate and install the last aura, and uninstall, make huge changes on the crate. and introduce issues that I all ready report these and test many times for the las week.
    4. DO NOT USE ccleaners or similar apps. That is my huge recomendation is no needed as far testing goes.
    5. armory crate is basic until gets expand. works great and some features are read direct from the servers. on install there will be a UPDATE, then 3 files hall, a sdk for the board, and... if you have a asus aio a sk for it, and some very limited hardware. there will more later down the road.

    No custom light yet. basic for the moment. I am sending issues on more than regular basis so any scenario is tested and checking all errors that i can see. still on beta, and the very l very beta, the aura SDK. that will add more but is very limited on the peripherals side.

    Any q ask.
    Learn, Play Enjoy!

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    ah thank you then my best bet is to wait for it to mature ^^

    granted i'm going to use it only for the motheboard/cpublock/gpu block and ram, keyboard, mouse and case are handled by razer chroma and my fan's are handled by corsair icue... getting these 3 to appear any kind of sync'd is gone be sooo tricky >.<
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