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    ASUS ROG GL504GM Spacebar Backlight Dead

    Hi, new to the forum here. Spacebar BACKLIGHTING was working last night, and I turned my laptop on today and noticed it not turning on at all; every other key seems to be working fine. I don't know if its hardware but I'm hoping it's a software issue. Any suggestions? (I'm not that savvy with some stuff so keep it simple if possible)

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Feel free to get more feedback from others, but just wanted to confirm you checked it at night again or in a dark place since the spacebar does not appear to use the same lighting method as the other keys, so will look like it's not working in daylight.
    You may want to study some GL504GM video reviews online too for comparison.

    There should not be any problems to locate the spacebar at night or in a dark environment although you can try to adjust the keyboard brightness to see if that makes any difference. Thanks.
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