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    Which CPU cooler for i7-8700x CPU and Strix x299-XE m/b?

    I'm finding the choice of CPU coolers extremely confusing. The last time I built a rig, the coolers came with the CPUs! Now it appears to be one of the most complicated aspects of PC building...

    To be clear;

    I intend to buy an intel i7-8700X (2066 pin) processor to fit into a Strix X299-XE board.

    According to spec, the CPU requires cooling of 140W TDP.

    Due to the limitations of the mid-tower casing I intend to buy, the cooler cannot be greater than 150mm (5.9 inches) in height.

    I do not intend to overclock my machine, I simply want a basic air cooler at a decent (even cheap) price.

    I'd really appreciate some recommendations and perhaps some advice, it seems so difficult to find coolers compatible with 2066 intel processors.

    Thank you.

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