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    ASUS Notebook Drivers and Windows 10 Updates

    I just wanted to ask if ASUS are going to continue their habit with after-sales support relating to driver updates and notebook devices, as many of the driver packages still use .NET 3.5 Framework, and also import out-dated dynamic link libraries (dll) to the devices.
    .NET API get updated for a reason as sometimes there are more efficient methods for calling or accessing handles for hardware.
    For example: The 2 in 1 and Transformer range that have accelerometer and gyroscope sensors have an executable program designed to calculate the angle for Keyboard Dock - Lid Open or Closed States.
    The driver package for the flagship T304UA contains a sensor dll for Windows 7.
    The math libraries ASUS have created seem to calculate sensor information in a way that is inefficient, when the Windows 10 UX libraries include Quaternion classes that can be used to calculate transformations and gather data for the 3 planes of movement in the real world.
    I feel that there is a gap between ASUS and other vendors regarding customer support, and a void for testing devices with Windows Updates.
    After disassembling and decompiling several driver packages, I have realised that hardware vendor packages are customized by ASUS so majority of updates should be as well - but it seems that once a product is released, maintenance for it's product pages and web support are near forgotten, and the packages available almost all contain components for other devices - and judging from the log files - could be optimised.
    I'm going to be posting this in the Zen forums as well so that the user base have this information.
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