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    Thumbs up GL503GE - fan running at max speed driving me crazy!

    Starting some weeks ago, the fan speed of the laptop (GL503GE) goes to maximum speed with no apparent reason! It stays like this for ~30 minutes after booting Windows, and gets back to normal behavior. CPU usage is low, temperatures are all around ~40C.

    As always, ASUS support was worthless. They asked me to send the laptop to RMA, but I'm in Brazil and the warranty doesn't work here. I'm 99% sure this is a BIOS/software/driver problem. I read several other posts on this forum with people having the same problem, but seems that nobody was able to really find a fix for it.

    Any hint?

    PS: BIOS is 313 (the last one), all drivers are up to date. ROG Gaming Center shows no information of CPU and Temperature, unless I activate the nVidia card before opening it. Trying to change the fan profile to "silent" doesn't work, since it always get back to "balance". Gaming Center looks like a pretty useless app to me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by warmbooter View Post
    nobody was able to really find a fix for it.

    Any hint?
    I have had a similar problem with a machine with an Asus motherboard. The motherboard is a Rampage III Black Edition. When I installed Windows 10 I could no longer install Asus software like AI Suite II. AI Suite II had an easy way to adjust fan speeds. I later installed a Ryuo CPU cooler (an AOI cooler) and an industrial fan, (a Noctua 140mm) in the rig and after starting my machine found this amazing Noctua fan ran beautifully but at a very noisy level. Nothing would slow this fan down either. Hence I was stumped about what to do. After doing numerous searches I learned about and installed SpeedFan, which allowed fan control and this allowed this fan to slow right down. There are youtube videos about it which helped. Very recently though, I've been cutting out any extra software running unnecessarily and wondered if it wasn't possible to adjust fan speed in the BIOS. Well, I then went into the BIOS and was able to slow that fan down. Since then I have uninstalled SpeedFan, and constantly monitor my system using HWMonitor to be sure there are no heat problems.

    If I were you and couldn't install any Asus software for fan control, or change the fan settings in the BIOS (which for me was easy) then I would try SpeedFan. You can turn it on and off whenever you like. A second option might be trying MSI Afterburner. I am not certain but think it has fan control options. I have had problems with MSI Afterburner though--namely a related program caused some software/system conflicts. There are also youtube videos on how to use and set up MSI Afterburner and a related program.

    In a nutshell, why not try BIOS settings? If that doesn't work maybe SpeedFan is your solution until you figure out the source of the problem.

    Hopefully this helps. Good luck.

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