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    PC Rebooting Before BIOS Entry

    A couple weeks ago my custom loop's pump died and as such my rig locked up and shut off while I was using it. After replacing the pump, my PC entered a reboot loop every time I powered it on that day, rebooting almost every time a few seconds after the BIOS entry screen appears. After leaving it powered off overnight, the next morning it seemed to work fine and did for a couple weeks. Only one time I actually got a BSOD with the error: whea_uncorrectable_error (which Google seems to think could be related to voltage).

    Today I woke up and powered it on, and I'm having the same reboot loop trouble. Every time I power on it reboots before I can either get into the BIOS or to the Windows loading circle. I followed a der8auer video to get my initial 5.0 OC stable ( I believe I'm at 1.35V for my OC.

    i7 8086k (delidded @ 5.0Ghz)
    Maximus X Formula
    32GB DDR4
    970 evo (x2 RAID 0)
    AX1200i PSU
    EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 Pump

    Happy to provide any additional info that is necessary. Any thoughts on either the cause or solution?

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