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    RTX 2060 Advanced vs OC,difference please?

    I went through googling about this card, but I did not manage to find anything about it even on youtube, so I have no idea how good cooling performance is, how much different is compared to OC version or MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z, are some of of you owners satisfied with it and everything else. When I google I always get OC version of this card review, so I'm wondering if anyone has whether he is satisfied and does it have big differences with the OC version except the GPU speed? I see that its GPU clock is pretty low, so it doesn't satisify my apetite, and I do not know if it could go up to 2GHz in demanding games like some other RTX 2060 models
    The card is:
    Can Advance Edition of the card reach the OC speed in games just like OC one?
    How much of a boost clock can I expect in games with Adv model?
    Is the cooling same on each card?

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