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    Unhappy Z390-E - Displayport VGA error, cannot access BIOS, system runs normally

    I'm getting a rather weird issue with my system. With my monitor connected to my GPU through displayport, my motherboard lights up with the VGA error LED while booting up. The monitor receives no signal until Windows is booted at the lock screen. The VGA LED stays lit on the motherboard, but the system runs perfectly fine. During this boot sequence, I can mash delete/F2 to try to access BIOS, but when the monitor receives a signal, it will just turn on to the Windows lock screen. If I try booting while connected through HDMI, everything goes smoothly - no error LED, the monitor receives signal while the system boots, and I can access BIOS if I want to. This isn't a huge issue since everything technically works, but it's annoying that I cannot access BIOS with displayport and that the error LED stays on while the system appears to be running normally.

    I'm using a GTX 1070 on a Z390-E board with the Aorus AD27QD monitor.

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