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    How many NVME drives will a XI Hero support?

    Obviously we can run 2 NVME drives in M.2-1 and M.2-2 slots on the mobo. But what about in an expansion card. I currently have an add in card with a slot of one NVME and one for a M.2 Sata drive. I have 1 NVME in that slot. Can I source a new add in card that would hold 2 NVME drives and put it in a PCIe slot in place of the one I am using now.

    That would give me 4 NVME drives. (A proper question also might be why in the world does somebody need 6 TB of NVME, but what the heck, if you can do it why not). Will the available PCIe channels support the additional 2 NVME drives?

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