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    Question IX Hero - Possible CPU motherboard sensor failure

    Hey all, I recently started having an issue where my motherboard CPU temp sensor will be invisible to any OS related monitoring software, but in the bios it does show up, except it will only show 11C. Even more interestingly, when i have the motherboard q-code set to auto, it will only show the number 11, UNLESS, at complete random, it reappears in the monitoring software and it shows that it is 100C. It does not move at all from this number, and the computer fans max out, and the q-code starts counting down steadily from 11, once it hits 00 it resets to 99, and then keeps counting down until it hits 89 where it stays at 89 until i restart my computer, and even then, it will either start the fans maxed out from startup, or it will put the sensor back at 11 and it will boot normally, but even then at complete random, whether it be that I'm playing a game or watching a YouTube video or just browsing the internet, the whole process restarts again. Should i try to buy a new motherboard or just bypass the fan headers built in by getting an external fan controller? No other temps line up with 100C being correct. I will link an image of my hwinfo window so you have a better understanding of what I'm talking about. The picture is from a somewhat fresh boot so the other temps in that sensor havent moved much but they do fluctuate while playing games, so its not the whole sensor package that is failing. Ive had it for a couple of years so RMAing is something i can't do, and additionally, I don't think ASUS will be able to repair this properly anyways. That being said, i just need to know if i should start saving towards a new motherboard or if i can just bypass this faulty sensor with a fan controller. Thanks in advance.

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