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    ROG G703GI-XS71 - RAID Help

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    So I had a question regarding RAID (as referenced by the title). I am quite new to the concept on laptops capable to do RAID. My laptop has 3 slots for M.2 2280 PCIE SSD's. I currently have a 256 GB NVMe Samsung SSD (MZVPW256) in my boot slot. My two other slots are empty.

    Lets hypothetically say I bought 2 NVMe SSD's and installed them into the vacant slots; Should they be identical to the boot drive? I am aware in order for RAID to work that the 2 NVMe drives I buy should be identical. Does RAID require that my boot drive that I mentioned earlier require the bought drives to be identical? I read through the manual completely and only found a diagram of how to install them. Is it possible to ONLY use 2 NVMe's (The ones I buy) in RAID? Or does all 3 NVMe drives have to be identical?

    In short:
    -Can my boot drive be separate and not in RAID, while the other two NVMe are in RAID?
    -For my laptop's RAID to work, does it require all 3 M.2 PCIe slots be filled with the exact same identical drive?
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