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    Unhappy F555LJ WiFi Issue

    Full model name: X555LJ

    Bios version: X555LJ.502

    CPU: Intel i5-5200 2.20 GHz

    Memory amount in GB: RAM? 4GB

    GPU: Nvidia Geforce 920M

    SSD/HDDs/Optical Drives: physical memory-4.9GB. virtual memory-7.4GB.

    AC Adapter: ???????

    Operating system: Windows 10 Education

    Drivers Installed: ?????????

    System Overclocked: ???????

    it disconnects from the wifi source when uploading, downloading, or playing online games. It also disables and re-enables the wifi adapter when it does this. After it has disconnected, it will not reconnect to any wifi signal, even one it has not connected to before. I used to restart the laptop in order to get it to reconnect to the wifi, but putting it to sleep and 'waking' it up works as well.
    It has done this from the beginning of the year before I partially reset my laptop (reset it due to other complications. Before it was reset, the task manager wouldn't open properly and would crash before it loaded. Task manager works fine now. Though it occasionally tells me the disk usage is at 100%. Help with that would also be great!).
    I'm at uni and have taken the laptop to the IT help department, but they did absolutely nothing for me (that was when I discovered putting it to sleep temporarily fixes it, so I couldn't show the IT people it being broken, and I didn't come back to them after failing to show them my issue).
    I have looked online for anyone with this same issue, but have only found kind-of similar ones. Most solutions talk about resetting the wifi modem, but it is not available for me to do that. Some solutions involved turning aeroplane mode on then off (didn't work) and resetting the wifi adapter (didn't work). I've looked at updating drivers and such, but I'm not particularly tech-savvy, and I don't want to ruin my laptop.

    My wifi adapter is the Qualcomm Atheros AR9485

    If I've stated anything questionable or whatnot feel free to ask for clarification, and maybe direct me to how I can find out. It's just quite maddening to have to turn off my laptop and turn it back on in order to reconnect to the wifi.

    Thank you in advance for any help!!

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