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    search for an old hard drive (Non SSD) with windows and from there roll back to the bios 306 and then flash the 310 from the bios, and see if that works, if not at least you can roll back to 306 and boot with your old ssd.
    Put windows 10 on an old hard drive and that did not work. It would not boot to it but found a solution that worked for me.

    Thanks for the advice AFRIKA just to let anyone else know I found and old hard drive slapped it in there and used the microsoft Create Windows 10 installation media tool. I created a USB Windows 10 installation media stick and that worked for me. put in the stick and installed a fresh copy of windows 10. I will repost when finished flashing and let people know if I was able to fix the problem and down grade from freakin forced windows flash.

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