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    Quote Originally Posted by 1mluer View Post
    Always comes in with great temps, but is pretty risky if you make a mistake.. it is conductive so anything that gets on the motherboard could be catastrophic. If you are not superclocking it's not worth it in my opinion for 2 to 5 degrees from an already optimized paste.
    I don't think it risky because for normal operation you use such a tiny bit of liquid metal that can't be dropped somewhere on motherboard. Also I like how it sticks to lid, it feels like magnetic (but actually it is all about wetting and surface tension).
    But it is really hard to clean lid after LM interface, in most cases your cpu label will be destroyed.

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    the difference between a cheap and expensive thermal paste in only 1-3c (air and water), assuming that the mating is good between the block and the IHS
    pick which one you want, it really doesn't mater (modern ones)
    different people like different brands of mayonnaise
    avoid LM and artic silver

    about Prolimatek PK

    pk-1 is medium viscosity = easy to apply
    pk-2 is very fluid = very easy to apply
    pk-3 is very thick = difficult to apply
    (i guess it depends on how its applied)

    pk-3 give slightly better temp, but the two other models is already very good (so no reason to care, really)

    Noctua NT- is also a good standard TIM

    over the years i have tested more than 50 different brands of TIM

    i don't know it that makes me a dumbass or overqualified (probably a overqualified dumbass)

    good luck
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    Stay away from Liquid Metal, not worth complication.
    MX-4, Noctua NT-H1 (now NT-H2), Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut... any of these will work similar.
    I use MX-4 last 1-2 years.

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