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    Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero WiFi Motherboard Q code A2 HELP Required

    sus ROG Maximus XI Hero WiFi Motherboard

    Intel 8700K

    2x8GB GSkill Trident Z RGB

    Samsung NVME 960 Evo M.2

    Corsair 850W psu

    Fan based CPU cooler

    Asus 32inc monitor

    Onboard Graphics (CPU)

    Hello there,

    XMP profile turned on

    I have been using this brand new build for 2 weeks now working good as gold but over the last week randomly on POST no output would be displayed (HDMI not detected) I would try to turn the screen on and off to see if that would work but nothing? I even tried on another screen while the issue was according but the screen was blank the only way to fix this was to Hard turn off the pc and boot up again which would fix the issue.

    Also had the above issue with the ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero Z370 ATX LGA1151v2 Motherboard which I sent back to the place I bought it from for a Refund of money

    To try and fix the above issue I Changed the Primary display within the bios System Agent (SA) Graphics config to CPU Graphics from Auto

    then had the pc running and went for tea and the screen had gone to sleep which I thought was strange so I turned it off and back on not hmdi display was detected so i hard shut down pc and turned back on no HDMI display was detected so i hard shut down and turned on a couple of times to see what would happen still the same issue.

    So I tried to a CMOS clear and boot back up now I'm getting nothing on Display HDMI not detected not even the "push f2 to enter bios

    Im not sure what to do from here
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    A2 is an IDE detect error, so that is not a great help on an HDMI issue. I suppose the first step I would try is to hook up your monitor with a displayport adapter or DVI-D both of which the igpu supports. At least that way you would be able to see if the issue is specific to the HDMI output on the mobo or its input on the monitor. Although the latter is less likely.

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