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    Noisy fans on new Asus Zephyrus S GX531GM

    I recently bought an Asus Zephyrus S GX531GM and the fans have been quite noisy on idle even with the silent profile on. On idle (5-10 chrome tabs with discord open) with the silent profile my fans get pretty loud (averaging between 2600 - 3200 rpm in Armoury Crate) at first I thought this was because the computer was getting too hot but checking my temps they are always below 40 C.
    There are instances where my fans are silent but then they resume making the noise again as if its under load. Even with the laptop running on power saving mode with a maximum processor state of 45% the fans still dont stop making noise and I dont know what to do. I bought this laptop with school in mind and went in stores to see that theres were completely silent while idle and its been very disheartening knowing I can't even control my owns laptop fans in BIOS or with software.
    The manual state in armoury crate does not help as well because it is unavailable while laptop is on battery. I have undervolted to try and help this problem but there was no success.
    I was going to contact Asus right now but it seems there servers are down for maintenance so i came on here for help. Software such as speedfan also is not helping as I can't control the fans there either. Any help will be appreciated thank you.

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