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    AX11000 Drops entirely

    Any suggestions? I've read a few threads about this happening to Asus routers in general. I don't use wifi I have all the bands disabled completely. My internet stops working entirely and I can't even access the router menu through gateway when this occurs. As soon as I reboot only the router the gateway works instantly and internet is back in within 15 seconds. This is a daily issue sometimes twice a day the people at my house cannot handle it anymore especially when I am at work they are not comfortable touching or resetting the box.... we shouldn't have to daily. Any specific setting that you are aware of causing this? I disabled upnp and IPv6 as I heard this could cause it still have issues tho. I turned off port forwarding I don't use VPN or anything like that.. disabled remote access. WAN is on automatic IP I use google DNS.. I'm not router stacking just one plug from a MODEM only to the asus router. The issue always comes back to the router not being responsive. I shouldn't have to run around and install custom fireware which doesn't even exist yet for this router. I've updated the firmware to the latest same issue. Anyone know a setting that commonly causes this across multiple asus routers?

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