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    Code EE Detect Memory - Asus Omega


    Bashing my head against the wall here trying to fix this mess, every day on a cold boot the motherboard refuses to post stating a CODE EE which is apparently a 'future error'? What the hell does that mean? We bought 4266mhz RAM and they wont even post the XMP set, I have to downclock the RAM to 4000mhz and it still wont post until maybe 10 restarts then it just decides to boot up.

    Absolutely sick of this right now, does Asus even test these motherboards anymore?

    I also get CPU error codes,

    CODE 4f

    Its just a random mess. I have already replaced the CPU and replaced the RAM, makes no difference what so ever. Spent months now trying to sort this, RMA different parts, no luck what so ever.

    Contacted Asus, they said RMA the motherboard, wow, thanks for the help Asus.

    Can anyone help please before I pack everything up and just refund this crap.

    It says on the box 'Choice Of Champions' yeah right, more like choice of idiots who pay through the roof for this ****.
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