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    Ai suite 3 - windows 10 1903 update issue


    I have updated to the latest version of Windows 10 1903 this afternoon and since then AI Suite 3 has stopped working. This isn't the first time this has happened after updating Windows 10.

    I usually just do a search and after looking around find a new version of AI suite 3 and re-install or install over the top and I'm back and running.

    However today I am stuck which is why I thought I'd put a post out for the first time because I currently have version 3.00.28 installed and I can't find another version.

    There is a reference to a 3.00.51 but I cannot find it anywhere I've searched and I've exhausted all options.

    Does anyone know where I can download 3.00.51 or a version that is compatible with Windows 10 1903?

    I'm sure other people will start to experience this problem also after upgrading to 1903

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very much.


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    You can get it here, for example its downloadable for my motherboard type (PRIME Z370-A)

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    Hi and thanks to Katlani for provding the link to the latest AI Suite.

    I can confirm that re-installing the latest AI Suite 3 3.00.51 has resolved my problem.

    Therefore if anyone has problems with AI Suite 3 not working after upgrading Windows 10 1809 to Windows 10 1903 then you will need to install the latest AI Suite 3 3.00.51.

    Excellent I can now sleep well tonight knowing my fans are working properly!

    Thanks again.

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    Programs that are very deep in the system such as (ASUS AI Suite, Tuning, Performace, CD Burning Programs .....) keep causing problems with major system upgrades, so I prefer to do a clean install on major upgrades
    You do NOT need AI Suite for many tuning settings. Overclocking, Fan settings, BIOS update can be done effortlessly directly in the BIOS *Best Regards TOM
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    Ai suite iii

    Installation of AI SUITE III impossible here, at least the DIP module

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    Thumbs up AI Suite 3 is a goner

    Just wanted to check in here on the AI Suite 3 issues and the Maximus VI mobo. For me the AI Suite 3 began failing almost immediately. Suite would crash and leave the Splash.exe lights running. Most updated versions stolen from other mobo pages weren't really any better. By now I was really just using it for fan control. I would never trust software running under WIndows to OC my bios for me anyway, so it was mostly a system monitor and I found the measurements weren't all that accurate anyway. But the Windows 10 1903 upgrade was the death of all of it. Good riddance. I give up. I removed everything ASUS Suite related and moved on. Uninstalled and manually deleted folders and found that you really don't need any of it. Currently have all the com services disabled and everything seems to work fine so I think they can go too. I would mention that I don't use WIFI GO or USB boost, so I can't report whether those work anymore or not. I use Afterburner instead of Tweak, which never really worked dependably anyway.

    Using Speedfan IV for the fans for now. At first it wasn't controlling them and I found that you have to go to the chip settings and set the PWM1-5 to manual mode from Speedfan IV default and bingo. And leave the PWM type to PWM. It's not fancy but works fine until I get the Commander and Light Node later this summer.

    Sure I'm disappointed with quality issues. It is what it is. Onboard sound failed after a year. Distortion and Balance issues, hence the USB audio interface and saved the PCI lanes for the 780s. 3 out of 4 VGA fans died after 2 years but that might be normal. A little tricky to replace, you have to wire the new fans into the old harness.

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    Cripes just get a fan controller

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    I had the same problem today when it updated to 1903 but weird enough it updated again soon after and then AI Suite is working again, so I will keep an eye on it see if it's not a fluke when I restart computer and let you know also my AI Suite version is AISuite3_3.00.13

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