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    ROG STRIX x370-F + Corsair 2x16GB CMK16GX4M1B3000C15 ?

    Hi guys, can i use Corsair 2x16GB CMK16GX4M1B3000C15 DDR4 with my mobo ROG STRIX x370-F and Ryzen 1400 with fature upgrade to 3600/3700x... i checked the QVL list but didnt find anything about this RAM... So is it compatible or?
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    I don't think you will get an answer unless

    I don't think you will get an answer on this unless someone is running the exact same Mobo,CPU and RAM you propose, in saying that I am running Corsair memory which is in no way mentioned on the QVL lists for any of my ASUS boards without any issues at all - ever.

    However note.

    If you are wanting to run two modules - buy a dual channel kit not two singles.
    If you are wanting to run four modules - buy a quad channel kit, not two dual channel kits or four singles.
    If you are looking at gasp - running 8 modules then buy one 8 module kit - and I would recommend that it be one that is on the QVL.

    If it's a dual channel kit, or a quad channel kit remember before overclocking to set the voltage for the DIMS to whatever is required to enable that speed for the modules, set the profile to D.O.C.P and set the speed as appropriate for the modules maximum ratings, reboot and you should be good to go.

    SIDE NOTE: Don't forget to check the height and position of placement of the modules on your board to make sure they are mechanically compatible or you could also come unstuck.

    In saying all of the above just bare in mind that nothing in life is a certainty and there is a chance it may not work in which case return them and get something else but I can't see you having a problem to be honest.
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