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    Maximus XI Extreme microphone problem


    I'm trying to get the microphone of the Valve Index working. Running latest bios 1105 and Nvidia drivers 431.36.
    In the Devices and printers screen I see the icon for "Valve VR Radio & HMD Mic" but this is not visible in the Device manager. In the Sound/Recording screen it is shown as "Digital Audio Interface"??

    So I tried another headset (Sennheiser) and the microphone of this headset is shown as "Microphone" in the Sound/Recording screen.

    I can run all troubleshoot screens but nothing works, the mic does not pick up any sound.

    The VR headset is connected by usb, the Sennheiser with audio jacks on the rear of the motherboard.

    Does anyone have an advice for me what drivers should be installed to get microphones working on this board?

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