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    Question Possible faulty Z390F MOBO (or memory), advice needed!

    I just finished putting together the hardware on a new build.
    CPU: i7 9700K
    MEM: G.Skill 32gb (2x16) RGB
    PSU: EVGA G3 850W,
    CASE: NZXT h700,
    MOBO: Asus rog strix z390-F

    So, after putting everything together and flipping the switch on the PSU (not the case) the computer already turned on. Why could this be happening?

    Also, my monitor doesn't turn on, so i can't access my BIOS. After some digging around it seems that it's some sort of hardware failure. Most likely the MOBO, but it could also be memory (the memory RGBs don't light up, every other hardware that has lights does) and less likely is that the PSU is at fault. I think. Also, my motherboards onboard leds light up this way:
    red - turns on and off (cpu)
    yellow - this one stays lit (dram)
    white and yellow-green - don't turn on (gpu and boot)

    Could it be my CMOS is empty? (very unlikely because i just got the motherboard like 2 months ago)

    With all this information, does this help somebody in narrowing down the possible issue?
    Thank you in advance for any assistance!!

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