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    Problems with G531GT

    I got a ASUS G531GT laptop early this year and I really wanted to like it but the more I use it the more problems I discover

    The first thing I noticed was the bad display. I'm confident this is unfixable. I tried calibrating, turned off night time mode, changed the "game visual" setting and played with intels display controls and no matter what reds remain orange and dull. By default it has a really bad brown tint.

    Problem #2 and probably the worst is that the wi-fi completely stops working for a couple hours for no reason. The first time it happened I was so desperate to fix it that I ended up doing a factory reset, and it STILL didn't work. it seemed to just start working again randomly. (Airplane mode was not turned on and reinstalling/deleting drivers did not help) this happened TWICE.

    Problem #3 is that bluetooth controllers disconnect constantly. I tried two different brands of controllers (Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Pro) and both disconnect no matter what I play. Whether it be steam, epic games or emulators.

    Problem #4 You know when you plug your laptop into a monitor and the screen turns black for a second while it's switching? Well that happens when playing games randomly (turns black like it's switching displays when no other display is plugged in) (It also happens every time windows loads after I login from a restart/turning PC on but this might be normal?)

    I'm certain I just got a bad unit and none of these issues can be fixed. Well #4 maybe... What do I do? This laptop is about 7 months old so it's way passed the return period.
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