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    Asus B450-F Gaming Memory advice

    Hey all,
    Ive tried looking through the forums and online. just a few questions

    I had Team Group Night Hawk Memory 2x8 3200 MHz running at 3200. first set i had one stick went bad and Amazon did a RMA. then after that both went bad a couple months later. Im going with another Brand. I'm wanting 32gb (2x16)@3200 MHz with Samsung B-die. The QVl List is Outdated if you ask me. What Brand would you recommend. Other question is its been a while since ive been in the bios but i recall seeing up to 3600-4000Mhz ram listed. I know the Motherboard says 3200. was that for O.C. prupose or can it do those higher speeds now due to bios updates. Any Help much appreciated. Here is what i have come up with
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