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    G752VS - No Boot/No Power Light

    I'm new here and I hope somebody here can help!

    The Asus ROG G752VS-GC054T has been working perfectly for a couple of years. The other day, after a normal shutdown, it would not Boot the following day.

    I noticed that there was no power light on the Laptop. The charger looks to be fine (green light) and I have tried another charger just in case.

    I'm guessing that it must be some sort of a power issue. I've disconnected the internal battery and done a Hard Reset but the unit is still dead.

    My question is, can this laptop operate without the battery connected or does it need a battery to complete a power circuit?

    Normally laptops would work off the mains without a battery installed but I'm thinking this laptop may be different. I don't want to buy another battery if it's not going to make a difference as it still doesn't run on the mains with the battery disconnected.

    I've spent many hours doing research and checking the forums and I've found one post with similar symptoms. It was sent back to Asus and the 'BATT LIGHT BAR MODULE' was replaced.

    Kindest regards,

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    Have a voltmeter? Check the output of the charging brick (careful, can be easily shorted). If that appears to be OK (19.5 volts) then its' time to take it to a laptop repairman.

    The problem could be the DC-IN board (what you plug into on side of laptop), battery, charging circuit on the motherboard (requires motherboard replacement), or all of the above.

    Good Luck
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