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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaroslaw_0 View Post
    I searched for a long time and found probably the perfect solution, preparation for this:


    It is expensive, but what to do. The shipment itself is expensive too - $20 to my country. If you make purchases for at least $50 in the digikey store - delivery is free. And so I want to do - by buying other necessary products.

    Laird TPutty 502
    Laird TPutty 607

    Do you know these products? The first one is not available in the store. The second is horrendously expensive. The LAIRD company is known all over the world for their conductive products. Their products are very expensive. I was not satisfied with this company's thermopads. Does TPutty have adequate density and adhesion? Thanks for the photos and I'm looking forward to the next ones.

    That one seems good also.

    Laird looks that is the supplier of many big companies. I don´t have experience with those products, but tputty 508(not the 502) seems to be the stuff that microsoft uses on the xbox one x as thermal pads.

    Laird has lots of thermal pad "models". Maybe you used one that didn´t match your use case? Anyway, for me, the best thermal pads that i used are the thermal grizzly minus pad 8, more because of the good compressibility, but they are expensive...

    Just checked that you talked about the tputty 607 price. It looks expensive, but it is 75ml. It is a lot. For example, each 20 gr of k5 pro is 10ml. So you pay on amazon 20 euro for 30ml of k5 pro. If it was 75ml would be 50 euro. But you have to include VAT. If tputty 607 is a set and forget solution, i think it is worth the price(haven´t tried it yet). K5 pro seems ok if you plan on doing maintenance every year or so. The laird tputty 502 i found it on
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