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    HELP! RTX2080 Turbo and Asus G20AJ

    I just upgraded my G20AJ with an Asus RTX2080 Turbo and I am having power issues.

    Basicallly the card will switch itself off within the first 2 seconds when benchmarking or running a game.

    I have only managed to get it working ok using MSI Afterburner and bringing down the max power delivery to the minimum (58%) hence I am thinking it is a power issue.

    Obviously I have it running with the two power bricks 180W + 230W

    The G20AJ was working perfectly with an Asus GTX1080 Turbo (single 8-pin connector) I just sold (regretfully...)

    The motherboard pins are in the right configuration (top pin to the left, all pins at the bottom to the top) as shown in the image attached below. I have tried all other pin configurations just in case, but no luck.

    Help, please!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I would most diffidently would think Power issue as you said. You said you reduced the voltage on the msi bruner and it seemed to work no shutting down on gpu. (Gpu shuts down or whole computer shuts down when there is not enoguh power) Mabye you should downgrade to an RTX 2070 . I checked the power ratings and it seems the RTX 2080 uses a little more power than the 1080. The RTX 2070 uses about the same or little more than the 1080. It also could be possible that you could have a defective GPU since Most people were able to get an RTX 2080 and get it work. The gpu may not be running propley under normal use. But before I say that tough How long does it opreate using the msi burner at 58% Power Does it Shut down ranaomaly when under noraml use or benchmarking a game. If it does It is most likey the GPU that needs to be replaced. If not I would assume The PC cant handle the high voltage of the RTX 2080 and to fix that YOU should get a lower voltage card such as the RTX 2070 (which people found that It works best) (Some poeple were able to put an RTX 2080 some were able to do it and some had problems) (The safer bet is the RTX 2070)
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    yeah the rtx 2080 is 225tdp, what pins does the rtx 2080 take to run the card?

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    I had a 1070 and just installed rtx 2080 asus turbo and it's working well even on taxing games like BFV and Anthem. I had to do a few things in order to get it to work.
    My issue was that the keyboard was not being recognized on start up so I read these fixes on the forum.
    "Go to "advance", "pch storage configuration" then set "Enabled" on Pcie Nand configuration"
    and then go to "USB Configuration", MAKE SURE Intel xHCI mode was NOT set to "smart auto" or "enabled", You MUST " DISABLED" it, then only your usb peripheral will works (keyboard & mouse) when using RTX card

    The reason I'm bringing this up because if you haven't tried this you the card might not be getting enough power at certain points.

    Is there another power brick you can get your hands on? That might be an issue as well.

    Let me know if the fix above helped in any way or if you've already done that.

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