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    Micro sd card not being recognized.

    Today, I realized that a microsd card that I've had since 2008, isn't being read anymore.

    My phone doesn't recognize it.

    My computer doesn't recognize it when I put it in a USB reader. I verified the USB reader works by trying different microsd and full sized SD cards. The reader can read those.

    I tried 7 different sd recovery programs, but none of them can recognize the microsd card, because the reader can't recognize the card. Most of those programs claim that if they can recognize the card, then they can help recover the data.

    I have a few things backed up from maybe 2008 - 2009, but not sure about much after that. Some things that were sent via text messages that I saved onto the microsd card, I can still recover, because I still have those texts.

    But the best thing would be if I could get the content off the microsd card ASAP and back all of it up.

    Any advice?

    I've read that the first thing I should do is stop using the microsd card, so I've followed that advice. I won't be using it to try and save anything, anymore. But are there any apps or techniques you know where I can still somehow recognize the card, and recover the data?

    As I said, I tried it both on my phone and PC, and neither recognize the card. It was working about 10 days ago.

    This is one of the best computer forums out there, so I'm hoping someone can help with this.

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