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    Quote Originally Posted by xeromist View Post
    Sorry to hear that.
    My memory card left the origin, to be shipped back to me, on January 31.

    It was sent by Priority Mail, and was supposed to arrive on February 03.

    It didn't. The last update was on February 04, and they didn't even say what city it was in, just that it was "in transit".

    I called the post office again today.

    They are going to escalate it to the District Office, which is one level above the local post office.

    They said it was last scanned on January 31, so there haven't been any updates since then.

    If I have to file a claim, how am I supposed to value a memory card with pictures and videos from 2010? (Forget that the card wasn't working.).

    Do I just go for the max, which says it's $100?

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