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    Very strange set of problems with my Maximus Hero XI Wifi

    Hello guys I have been having a super strange set of problems with my Maximus Hero XI which I just can't figure out after 3 months of troubleshooting.

    The first issue is related using both NVME slots with 512GB Samsung 970 Pro where during heavy loads such as (gaming and streaming ) the lower NVME slot would suddenly get stuck at 100% disk usage with 0 KB/s Reads or writes which forces me to reboot windows using the reset button. Now this does not happen if only one NVME slot is populated. I've tried so many different steps to try and resolve this problem including just recently buying another ASUS maximus XI hero and another new Samsung 970 Pro NVME drives from Amazon. I did a fresh install of Windows to 1903 and tried both with Samsung nvme drivers and windows built in drivers. I also tried a few common suggestions online such as some registry tweaks and disabling of some services but NOTHING seems to help. I finally gave up and decided to just stick to using 1 NVME drive on the motherboard. Here is a screenshot of the problem.

    The second problem which started happening with Windows 1903 is unusual slow booting, This is yet another strange issue where windows would take longer to boot. I discovered that if the Realtek sound driver is installed this could happen with out this driver it will boot normally, I could also have that driver installed but If I unplug my Corsair K70 Keyboard it also resolve the issue. Finally the third thing which can get rid of this issue is to remove any overclock from the BIOS.

    I also confirmed that this only happens with Windows version 1903 as I reinstalled 1809 and had no such issues. Both of these problems also happened using a brand new ASUS Maximus Hero board which I bought 3 days ago.

    I am currently using the very latest BIOS 1105 and my system Specs are:

    • i9 9900K at 5Ghz
    • 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200Mhz Memory
    • EVGA XC Ultra RTX 2080Ti
    • 2x Samsung NVME SSD 970 Pro 512GB
    • 2x 1TB Samsung EVO 860

    If any one have ran into similar issues or can provide any sort of advice I would greatly appreciate it as Its driving me insane lol.


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