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    CH6+7106 fan issues and question about voltages

    I'm new here so hello all! While waiting to be approved to post I've read about people having some issues with the latest bios and the CH6, and other boards/updates. Figured I should post in the bug thread but I also had a unrelated question so here it goes.

    I was on v6808 and all was good, more or less decided to update the bios on a whim as I was going to be reinstalling Windows and doing some other odd and ends on my machine for the day. So I updated to the latest chipset, set bios to defaults and updated to 7106 through USB without issue. On the next boot first thing I go to do is reset my fans, and that's when I notice I cannot drop duty cycle lower than 60% on my dc fans. It's not the worst thing in the world, I felt like I should post because I haven't noticed anyone else with this specific issue. Luckily everything else seems to be fine. I did try to revert back to 6808 and that made no difference, I again changed back to 7106 (because why not at this point) and same deal. So whatever change was made with the update has stuck.

    Something I've been wanting to post (somewhere) about but haven't till now is when the bios is set to stock my cpu (2600X) voltage seems really high, it hovers around 1.41-1.43 and I've seen it go as high as 1.49. That can't be good is it? This was a refurb board for me, and this has occurred since day one (I forget which bios I started out with) I'll admit I'm a novice overclocker to say the least, but from everything I've read about OC'ing this chip I thought the consensus was that 1.4 was the max for daily usage. So I just manually set the ram profile, multiplier to 40 and voltage to 1.38 and all is well. I just don't understand why it's so high at stock. *edit: This is with windows balanced power plan btw

    Anyway I hope all those with issues after bios updates are able to get their machines back to good asap.
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